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Approved Windows 10 Security Products

As of July 29 2015, 通过 Windows 10 can be obtained by the general public. We have tested the products in our main-test series to see which of them are compatible with the new operating system.

We tested the security solutions participating in our public main-tests for compatibility with Windows 10. The test checked whether the programs’ essential functions work the same way on Windows 10 as they do on Windows 8.1. For users who plan to install Windows 10 by upgrading an existing Windows 7 或 8.1 system, we recommended uninstalling the existing security program before updating, and then installing the latest version of the program when the upgrade is complete.

The following products have received our Windows 10 compatibility award. The list will be continually updated, with the other products in our public main-test series being approved as soon as each vendor releases a compatible product version.


Avast Free Antivirus 10.3.2223
AVG Internet Security 2015.0.6110
Avira Antivirus Pro
BullGuard Internet Security 15.1.307
eScan Internet Security Suite 14.0.1400.1789
ESET Smart Security的 8.0.319.0
F-Secure的互联网安全 15.3
Kaspersky Internet Security
McAfee Internet Security 14.0.4113
Panda Free Antivirus
Quick Heal Total Security 16.00 (
Sophos Enpoint Security and Control
Tencent PC Manager 10.11.25856.501
ThreatTrack VIPRE Internet Security
Trend Micro Internet Security 10.0.1150


The test system was a Lenovo ThinkPad Twist with an Intel Core i3-3217U processor and 4 GB RAM, with a clean, updated installation of 64-bit Windows 10, Build 10240. The testing procedure included the points described in the Test Checklist below. Readers should be aware that our approval only applies to the functionality and browsers/OS version, and to the specific program version / build number of each product listed here.

  • The program can be installed and run without any error messages or other obvious problems.
  • After a system restart (at the latest), the software can be updated and activated without any obvious problems or error messages.
  • The product does not create any false alarms with operating-system files, cause crashes or affect normal operating system functionality.
  • The product registers as antivirus and antispyware (and firewall if applicable) with the Windows 10 Security and Maintenance applet in Control Panel. If the program’s real-time protection is disabled, a warning will be shown in the Windows 10 Security and Maintenance window.
  • Windows Defender is disabled, and Windows Firewall is appropriately configured by the product’s installer. If the product does not have its own firewall, Windows Firewall should be left running. If the product has its own firewall, Windows firewall should be disabled by setup, unless the product’s own firewall is designed to run alongside Windows Firewall, and also does this under Windows 8.1.
  • The program’s System Tray icon can be used to open its main window.
  • The program’s real-time protection protects the system against infection by recognised malware samples on both a USB flash drive and a network share.
  • An on-demand scan of recognised malware samples on a USB flash drive deletes or disables the malware.
  • The program detects and either blocks, deletes or disables recognised malware samples downloaded using both Windows 10’s integrated browsers, Edge and Internet Explorer.
  • The program can be uninstalled from Control Panel with no obvious problems or error messages; Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall where applicable, are automatically re-enabled after reboot.

If you should find any issues with an approved product which appear to be related to Windows 10 兼容性, please send us an e-mail describing the problem in detail. 我们会通知相关的厂商并进行检验.

关于 AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives的是一个独立的组织,提供系统的测试,检查是否安全软件, 提供基于微软系统或苹果系统产品, 以及移动安全解决方案方面的系统化测试. 使用全球范围的最大样本集之一 , 为准确的测试创造了真实世界的测试环境. AV-Comparatives免费向公众, 新闻媒体和行业机构开放. AV-Comparatives使用官方图标授予的认证,让软件的表现全球公认. 目前, AV-Comparatives的产品动态保护测试是最全面和复杂的测试,因为它涉及到评估杀毒软件对现实生活中的保护能力. 简单的说, 该测试模拟用户每天的电脑使用习惯和每天的网络环境—即用电脑上网时,我们经常经历的各种情况. AV-Comparatives与几个学术机构, 特别是因斯布鲁克大学计算机系密切合作, 来提供这种创新的科学测试方法.
如果您意欲购买防病毒安全产品, 请访问厂商自己的官网,通过下载厂商提供的试用版来体验这些软件, 由于各种安全软件还提供一些其他功能,以及某些需要考虑的重要因素,所以,无论如何您都应该自己先体验后决定. 当您准备购买安全软件时,即便是本网站提供的测试报告数据十分重要, 也请您仔细考虑好,报告只是某些方面的反映.

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