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As a non-profit, independent organization, The AV-Comparatives Institute has a mutually beneficial relationship with the academic environment. AV-Comparatives‘ development and research results can be used freely by academic institutions such as universities, and individual academics, e.g. master’s degree students. We also welcome student internships!

Academic Partnership

The testing methods of AV-Comparatives are continually developed and improved, in order to keep pace with the latest malware threats. The finance model of AV-Comparatives as a non-profit-making organisation allows the highest technical standards to be met, whilst maintaining strict independence.
In doing so, we welcome and would like to thank for the support of academic bodies such as:

  • University of Innsbruck, Research Group for Databases and Information Systems 
  • University of Innsbruck, Research Group Quality Engineering
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Brandeis University Massachusetts, Computer Science Department


We periodically share our expertise in the IT security area, and like to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the field, our involvement in IT security conferences and other professional events. You can acces the latest publications here, they are free to use as long as a source is given.


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Together with the University of Innsbruck, AV‐Comparatives has developed a procedure for the systematic testing of antivirus software, which automatically simulates the actions of a computer user surfing the Internet, without any human intervention being required. Considering the huge number of malicious programs that appear every day, performing these tests manually with a statistically valid number of samples would not be possible .
The contact with the Tirol Information Technology Group led to a joint project with the Institute of Informatics at the University of Innsbruck, to develop new test procedures. As part of a Master’s Degree, sponsored by the FFG (Society for the Furthering of Research), an automated test process was developed. The project was led by AV‐Comparatives and automates the procedure of opening infected web pages and checking whether the PC’s antivirus software can protect it against the threat. This process is logged in minute detail. It would be impossible to conduct this test manually on the required scale.

The Real World Protection Test framework was recently recognized by the “Standortagentur Tirol” with the 2012 Cluster Award for innovation in computer science.


All of AV-Comparatives surveys and research results are freely available for academic purposes.
We regularly perform user surveys on various topics related to anti-virus software testing and anti-virus software in general. The results are very helpful to us and we want thank all who join the surveys and spend their time to complete them.

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Internship Program

At AV-Comparatives, we continuously maintaing an internship program addressing students who want to apply their learning and practice their theoretical skills in an independent environment, guided by exeperts in the field of security in information technology.
Students and master degree students can apply to our Internship Program via our contact page.

Interns at AV-Comparatives

Internship at AV-Comparatives is fun! Contact us to request more information about being an intern.


About AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives is an independent organization offering systematic testing that checks whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. Using one of the largest sample collections worldwide, it creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing. AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides an official seal of approval for software performance which is globally recognized. Currently, AV-Comparatives' Real-World Protection Test is the most comprehensive and complex test available when it comes to evaluating the real-life protection capabilities of antivirus software. Put simply, the test framework replicates the scenario of an everyday user in an everyday online environment – the typical situation that most of us experience when using a computer with an Internet connection. AV-Comparatives works closely with several academic institutions, especially the University of Innsbruck’s Department of Computer Science, to provide innovative scientific testing methods.
If you plan to buy an Anti-Virus, please visit the vendor's site and evaluate their software by downloading a trial version, as there are also many other features and important things for an Anti-Virus that you should evaluate by yourself. Even if quite important, the data provided in the test reports on this site are just some aspects that you should consider when buying Anti-Virus software.

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