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AV-Comparatives Awards 2022 for CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike achieved great success in AV-Comparatives’ Enterprise Tests of 2022. The tests covered a variety of protection scenarios, system performance, false positives, and endpoint prevention and response capabilities.

CrowdStrike Falcon Pro provides a cloud-based console for managing the endpoint protection software. As well as malware protection, the product includes investigative functions for analysing and remediating attacks. It can manage networks with thousands of devices. We note that CrowdStrike Falcon Pro is available as a fully managed service for organisations that desire a more hands-off solution to endpoint protection.

AV-Comparatives’ tests are very carefully designed and executed to thoroughly and realistically simulate scenarios that face users in real life. Consequently, a certification by AV-Comparatives is a guarantee of an effective and reliable product. An “Approved Product” award means that the software has been rigorously checked to ensure that it will perform its intended task competently. It is an industry-recognised standard of quality.

AV-Comparatives’ tests have multiple aspects, to represent the different requirements of IT security solutions. Further awards highlight the effectiveness of individual programs in different protection scenarios, low false positives, and low impact on system performance. Users can thus see which programs score highly in the categories that matter most to them.

AV-Comparatives is an independent testing lab based in Innsbruck, Austria, that tests IT security products to see if they live up to their promises. AV-Comparatives is ISO 9001:2015 certified, having received a certificate from TÜV Austria for the scope “Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software”. AV-Comparatives is also the first av-test organisation to be certified by European Expert Group for IT-Security (EICAR) as an EICAR Trusted IT-Security Testing Lab.

AV-Comparatives Awards for CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike was able to master the Enterprise Main-Test Series, and received an Approved Enterprise & Business Security Product Award for both runs. It also took a Certified ATP Enterprise Product Award for the Advanced Threat Protection Test.

Finally, CrowdStrike won an Approved Mac Security Product certification.

Business Security Test 2022 (March - June) - APPROVEDBusiness Security Test 2022 (August - November) - APPROVEDMac Security Test & Review 2022 - APPROVEDAdvanced Threat Protection Test 2022 - Enterprise - CERTIFIED