Consumer Malware Protection Test March 2021

We released our Consumer Malware Protection Test. Any samples that have not been detected e.g. on-access are executed on the test system. A false alarm test is also included. While in the Real-World Protection Test the vector is the web, in the Malware Protection Test the vectors can be e.g. network drives, USB or cover scenarios where the malware is already on the disk 

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AV-Comparatives Awards 2020

All Trophies 2020 Trophy (1)

AV-Comparatives’ Awards Ceremony for 2020 honoured the security vendors whose products stood up to the year’s cyber-threats and kept the Internet safe. This year, for obvious reasons, it was held virtually rather than physically, but over 100 participants attended. In total, 27 different vendors were given awards for their security products. 

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AV-Comparatives Awards 2020 for Acronis

Acronis Logo - AV-Comparatives

Acronis participated successfully in AV-Comparatives’ Enterprise Main Test Series of 2020. The tests covered different protection scenarios, system performance, and false positives.

In addition to malware protection, Acronis Cyber Cloud includes backup, disaster recovery, vulnerability assessment, patch management, and secure file-synch features. Reviewers noted that its easy-to-navigate, customisable console makes it ideal for small businesses as well as larger enterprises. A unique feature of the program is its geographically-aware threat feed.

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AV-Comparatives Awards 2020 for Cisco

Cisco participated successfully in AV-Comparatives’ Business Tests of 2020. The tests covered different protection scenarios, system performance, false positives, and endpoint prevention and response capabilities.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints includes investigative features to help admins understand advanced threats. These include a detailed timeline of the stages of an attack, along with automated threat-response capabilities. Reviewers noted that the well-designed interface allows easy access to a wide range of functionality.

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