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On this page you will find links to selected IT-security related news articles from various sources, including news from conferences and some test results. Posts in this category might be written by externals and students. If you find some interesting news, please let us know!

Malware in the media – why healthcare systems are under attack

Also this summer incidents were reported in general news media involving cyber- and ransomware-attacks on healthcare organizations. Cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations are not uncommon. According to CSO-onlinethe healthcare experiences twice the number of cyber-attacks as other Industries”.  We therefore ask why healthcare systems are under attack so often?

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Spotlight on security: Why do AV products score so highly in professional tests?

This question often arises on security-focussed internet forums. Why do antivirus solutions perform worse when tested by amateurs than when tested by professional testing organizations? It seems odd when hobbyist home testers publish tests on YouTube that seem to be a greater challenge to the AV programs than the comparative tests of professional organizations. Despite popular conspiracy theories, there is a logical explanation for these apparently contradictory test results.

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AV-Comparatives redesigned website

About one month ago we launched the redesign of your new AV-Comparatives website, which illustrates our expanding role as a global leader in IT security testing for consumer and enterprise users.

To make it easier to find what you want quickly, we have split the site into two areas, Consumer and Enterprise. Each area gives you easy access to the relevant test results, methodology and charts. In both areas, the charts and test results pages have been completely redesigned.

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Spotlight on security – The end of Net Neutrality?

Normally we post on what security news topped the media. This month’s blog covers the end of the Net Neutrality legislation. Net neutrality was initiated by the Obama administration. Ironically Trump buried both Net Neutrality legislation and media coverage with his historic meeting on neutral grounds with Kim-Jong un. Is Net Neutrality legislation obsolete or has ‘the open internet for all’ just suffered a serious setback?

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Spotlight on security: How to recognize email scams

Analysis reports of several sources (US, UK) show that email is and remains the number one delivery vehicle of malware. The reason why email is so popular is because half of the people will open an email of an unknown sender. Email scams play on people’s emotion to trick them into opening emails. In this month’s ‘spotlight on security’ we will explain what psychological tactics scammers use to take you off-guard and lower your fences.

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Spotlight on security: three reasons why you should select an Android security app with care and caution

In 2014 an antivirus program called “Virus Shield” was able to earn over 100.000 dollars in less than 10 days. The only thing this fake security app did was to change its icon color and show a progress bar of an imaginary malware scan. After the scan finished it told the user the device was free of malware. Over 30.000 people downloaded the app and gave it a 5-star rating on Google Play Store. Here are three reasons why you should select an Android security app with care and caution:

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Spotlight on security: New initiatives on IoT security

On the 25th of May the European Union will effectuate new legislation on data protection and privacy. Both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy legislation will have a positive impact on data privacy and security. On top of this new EU legislation, both the British and Dutch government have published statements which will lead to additional regulation on IoT security. Will these initiatives force vendors to improve IoT security for home users in general?

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