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Consumer Real-World Protection Test Factsheet Feb-Mar 2024

The February/March results for the ongoing Consumer Real-World Protection Test are now available! The full results will be published in June.

As part of our ongoing commitment to evaluating consumer antivirus solutions, AV-Comparatives is thrilled to announce the release of the February/March 2024 factsheet for our Real-World Protection Test. This interim release offers a glimpse into the performance of leading security software solutions, with the full results slated for publication in June.

Rigorous Testing for Consumer Security

AV-Comparatives, renowned for its systematic evaluation of security software, conducts the Real-World Protection Test to assess the efficacy of antivirus solutions in combating cybercrime. Certification by AV-Comparatives is globally recognized as a standard for software performance approval, providing consumers with valuable insights into product effectiveness.

Mimicking Real-World Scenarios

The Consumer Real-World Protection Test mimicks typical internet browsing activities, replicating scenarios encountered by everyday users. Through a sophisticated automated process, the test attempts to download and execute live malware from the internet, mirroring real user behavior. This comprehensive evaluation allows all relevant protection features of each product to be put to the test, highlighting their ability to detect and mitigate threats effectively.

Tested Products and Methodology

Sixteen leading antivirus products were subjected to rigorous testing in the February/March 2024 Real-World Protection Test. Tested products include Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, Avira Free Security, Bitdefender Total Security, ESET HOME Security Essential, F-Secure Internet Security, G Data Total Security, Kaspersky Standard, McAfee Total Protection, Microsoft Defender Antivirus, Norton Antivirus Plus, Panda Free Antivirus, Quick Heal Internet Security, TotalAV Antivirus Pro, Total Defense Essential Antivirus and Trend Micro Internet Security. The test utilized 246 malicious URLs, covering a diverse range of current threats to provide detailed insights into the protection capabilities of each product. Additionally, the factsheet report includes results from the false-positive test, offering a comprehensive overview of product performance.

Continuous Updates and Monitoring

The Real-World Protection Test is conducted under updated Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit with up-to-date third-party software, this test remains at the forefront of assessing consumer security solutions. AV-Comparatives regularly updates charts on its website to showcase the protection rates of tested products over recent months, empowering consumers with up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

Accessing the Factsheet

The interim factsheet for the February/March 2024 Real-World Protection Test is now available, offering valuable insights into the current capabilities of leading antivirus products. Stay tuned for the full report in June, where detailed findings and recommendations will be presented to assist consumers in selecting robust cybersecurity solutions.

Empowering Consumer Security

At AV-Comparatives, we remain committed to empowering consumers with the knowledge needed to navigate the digital landscape securely. By providing transparent evaluations and continuous updates, we aim to foster a safer online environment for all.