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Precautions for Covid-19

We want to inform you about the precautions AV-Comparatives made to ensure workflows and tests will not be downgraded or delayed. AV-Comparatives is prepared for influenza as well as for Covid-19 (aka “Corona Virus”).

Our policy related to lowering the risks of contamination of staffers:

  1. AV-Comparatives always encouraged staff members to work from home. Teleworking is part of AV-Comparatives’ strategy.  
    •  Since 3rd March 2020, all staff members are mandatory required to work from home.
    •  A visit to the office is only allowed, if it cannot be avoided.
  2. In the office itself, AV-Comparatives provides sanitizer – not only since Covid-19 is in the media. Hygiene regulations are in place since ever.
  3. Travel is restricted until further notice.
  4. The advise from WHO and the Austrian Government  are carefully followed. 

Our contingency plans in case you become significantly affected by the outbreak  

  1. Each staff member has at least 1 staff member as backup, so the service will continue as planned.
  2. As people are not working together at one place, it is very unlikely that any infection will spread in the company or that all people will be ill at the same time.

Keep your hands sanitized!

If you have any questions, please ask us using the contact form.