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Safe streaming/progressive download

When you watch online videos that play directly from the Internet (streaming) or download to a temporary location on your computer (progressive download) there is a risk of adware or even malware infection, both from the website and from the file itself. Actively research for and use trusted and legitimate websites as your source of online videos for safe streaming. Use caution when prompted to install third party software – first research the web and look for user comments to see if they are to be trusted. As with any other shady software promising a good time that is not delivered, the least you can get is annoying adware, but sometimes things can result in more than five new windows popping up at a time. The usual rule applies: do not give away personal data, do not enroll to unverified websites just to finally get to that movie.

  • Use a web rating tool (such as WOT) to help you evaluate how trustworthy visited websites are and how other users rate their experience. It will be esier and faster to identify websites that are known to spread viruses – and avoid them.
  • Use an antivirus program that has a real time scanning feature and will prompt you regarding suspicious data being downloaded before it does any harm.

Same caution applies when it comes to safe streaming live (online TV). Only use legitimate services or the TV network’s official website. Illegitimate websites often hold links to illegally uploaded material containing adware, spyware and/or malware that can affect your computer and internet connection.