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What is the best IT-security program?

This is a question we are asked very frequently, but there is no definitive answer to it. Users have different needs, so they need different IT-security products. Cyberattacks are constantly evolving. Thus a security program that provided excellent protection against the threats of some years ago might not be the most effective at stopping today’s attacks. 

Ease of use is also a consideration – if a program is too complicated for you to understand, you will not get the best out of it. Additionally, some programs have extra features that not all users will need. You could liken this to the idea of “the best car”; a Ferrari is great if you’re e.g. young and single, but not very practical if you have a family. Hence there is no such thing as a “best car” for everyone/anyone.  

Consequently, AV-Comparatives does not recommend specific products. Instead we try to provide users with the information they need to decide for themselves. Please make your own decision, by having a look at the reports.