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Summary Report 2017

The AV-Comparatives Summary Report 2017 is now available for download (PDF). Every year AV-Comparatives awards the best scoring IT security products in our public main-test series. Find out which antivirus products received golden, silver and bronze awards and which vendor won the Product of the Year award.

AV-Comparatives 2017 main test-series
In 2017, AV-Comparatives subjected 21 security products for Windows to rigorous testing. We evaluated all programs on their ability to protect against real-world Internet threats, identify thousands of recent malicious programs, provide protection without slowing down the PC, and remove malware that had already infected a PC.

Best in class (category) results and awards.
All tested programs reached acceptable levels of protection and performance. In 2017 fourteen antivirus products won a total of 22 golden, silver and bronze awards in our main test series. For details, please see “Overview of levels reached during 2017” on page 6 of 2017 summary report.

AV-Comparatives 2017 Product of the Year award
The Product of the Year (1st) is awarded to the vendor scoring well across all categories. As in previous years, two products ended ex aequo on top. When there are more winners, the product that won it less/least recently, is given the Product of the Year award. The tie-winner receives the Outstanding Product award to highlight their outstanding results in the 2017 test series.

The Product of the Year award is a close competition. Several vendors achieved top results across different test categories. To highlight their consistent performance, we give those vendors the Top-Rated Product award.

The Summary Report of 2017 is available for download on our website. We congratulate all winners and thank all vendors for participating in our  AV-Comparatives main test series.