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Tag: Spotlight on security

Spotlight on security: New initiatives on IoT security

On the 25th of May the European Union will effectuate new legislation on data protection and privacy. Both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy legislation will have a positive impact on data privacy and security. On top of this new EU legislation, both the British and Dutch government have published statements which will lead to additional regulation on IoT security. Will these initiatives force vendors to improve IoT security for home users in general?

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Spotlight on security: AV-Comparatives was invited to the European Parliament to speak about a safer Internet for children

With the United States of America making good progress on minimum Internet-of-Things security, we hoped the European Union was willing to listen to our ideas to fast track existing EU plans and programs. On Monday the 6th of November, we were very pleased to get the opportunity to speak to a Member of the European Parliament, who understands the issues of digitalisation in general, and cybersecurity in particular.

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Spotlight on security: New Windows 10 security features

On Tuesday the 17th October, Microsoft started to rollout the ‘Fall Creators Update’ of Windows 10. This second major update in 2017 has some interesting new security features. Microsoft was so generous to give Windows 10 Home users also the added protection of the new Exploit Guard and Controlled folder access. The only catch is that they are built into Windows Defender.

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Spotlight on security: iPhone X introduction – job well done?

Did you watch the Apple event? The first ever announcement in the Steve Jobs Theater showed that they miss Steve Jobs. I remember Steve Jobs introducing the NeXTcube. That was a jaw dropping event. The NeXTcube had display depth while the rest of the world used monochrome. It marked the birth of the dock. Combining an application launcher, desktop explorer, and task manager into one single application. So simple straightforward, yet so brilliant and beautiful.

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Spotlight on security: Does Google live up to its promise?

In 2007 Google promised to change the world with Android and the Open Handset Alliance: “A new computing environment that will change the way people access and share information in the future. The Android platform will be available under one of the most progressive, developer-friendly open-source licenses to bring to market new innovative products faster and at a much lower cost.

A decade after the announcement we did some fact checking to see whether Google lives up the promises made in the original press release?  

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Spotlight on security: Bob Dylan & Dalai Lama on threats & transparency

At first glance the WannaCry and NonPetya outbreaks are no different from the CryptoLocker outbreak of 2015 or the CryptoWall outbreak of 2014. Some of us may even remember the first file-encrypting malware, called PC Cyborg Trojan (aka AIDS Trojan) discovered in 1989. So security insiders may ask themselves in despair: How many fools does it take, to make the same mistake over and over again?

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