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False Alarm Test September 2015

Date September 2015
Language English
Last Revision October 10th 2015

Appendix to the Anti-Virus Comparatives September 2015

Release date 2015-10-15
Revision date 2015-10-10
Test Period September 2015
Online with cloud connectivity checkbox-checked
Update allowed checkbox-checked
False Alarm Test included checkbox-unchecked
Platform/OS Microsoft Windows


This report is an appendix to the File Detection Test September 2015 listing details about the discovered False Alarms.

With AV testing it is important to measure not only detection capabilities but also reliability. One aspect of reliability is the ability to recognize clean files as such, and not produce false alarms (false positives). No product is immune from false positives (FPs), but some produce more than others, and the our goal is to find out which programs do best in this respect. There is no complete collection of all legitimate files that exist, and so no “ultimate” test of FPs can be done. What can be done, and is reasonable, is to create and use a set of clean files which is independently collected. If with such a set one product has e.g. 30 FPs and another only 5, it is likely that the first product is more prone to FP’s than the other. It doesn’t mean the product with 5 FPs doesn’t have more than 5 FPs globally, but it is the relative number that is important.

Tested Products

Test Procedure

In order to give more information to the users about the false alarms, we try to rate the prevalence of the false alarms. Files which were digitally signed are considered more important. Due to that, a file with e.g. prevalence “level 1” and a valid digital signature is upgraded to the next level (e.g. prevalence “level 2”). Files which according to several telemetry sources had zero prevalence have been provided to the vendors in order to fix them, but have also been removed from the set and were not counted as false alarms.

The prevalence is given in five categories and labeled with the following colors: fp_prevalence

LevelPresumed number of affected usersComments
1fp_prevalence_1Probably fewer than hundred usersIndividual cases, old or rarely used files, very low prevalence
2fp_prevalence_2Probably several hundreds of users

Initial distribution of such files was probably much higher, but current usage on actual systems is lower (despite its presence), that is why also well-known software may now affect / have only a prevalence of some hundreds or thousands of users.
3fp_prevalence_3Probably several thousands of users
4fp_prevalence_4Probably several tens of thousands (or more) of users
5fp_prevalence_5Probably several hundreds of thousands or millions of usersSuch cases are likely to be seen much less frequently in a false alarm test done at a specific time, as such files are usually either whitelisted or would be noticed and fixed very fast.

Most false alarms will probably fall into the first two levels most of the time. In our opinion, anti-virus products should not have false alarms on any sort of clean files regardless of how many users are currently affected by them. While some AV vendors may play down the risk of false alarms and play up the risk of malware, we are not going to rate products based on what the supposed prevalence of false alarms is. We already allow a certain amount of false alarms (currently 10) inside our clean set before we start penalizing scores, and in our opinion products which produce a higher amount of false alarms are also more likely to produce false alarms on more prevalent files (or in other sets of clean files). The prevalence data we give about clean files is just for informational purpose. The listed prevalence can differ inside the report, depending on which file/version the false alarm occurred, and/or how many files of the same kind were affected.


All listed false alarms were encountered at the time of testing. False alarms caused by unencrypted data blocks in anti-virus related files were not counted. If a product had several false alarms belonging to the same software, it is counted here as only one false alarm. Cracks, keygens, etc. or other highly questionable tools, including FPs distributed/shared primarily by vendors (which may be in the several thousands) or other non-independent sources are not counted here as false positives.

Test Results

Some products using third-party engines/signatures may have fewer or more false alarms than the licensed engine has by its own, e.g. due to different internal settings implemented, the additional checks/engines/clouds/signatures, whitelist databases, time delay between the release of the original signatures and the availability of the signatures for third-party products, additional quality assurance of signatures before release, etc.

False Positives (FPs) are an important measurement for AV quality.  One FP report from a customer can result in large amount of engineering and support work to resolve the issue.  Sometimes this can even lead to important data loss or system unavailability.  Even “not significant” FPs (or FPs on old applications) deserve mention and attention because FPs are likely to be a result of principled rule detections.  It just happened that the FP was on an insignificant file. The FP possibility is probably still in the product and could cause an FP again on a more significant file. Thus, they still deserve mention and still deserve to be penalised. Below you will find the false alarms we observed in our independent set of clean files. Red entries highlight false alarms on files that were digitally signed.

1.ESET, Panda0very few FPs
2.Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Lavasoft, Tencent2 few FPs
4.Avira, BullGuard, eScan, Trend Micro4
8.Fortinet12 many FPs
9.Quick Heal16
10.F-Secure, ThreatTrack17
12.Baidu139 very many FPs

Details about the discovered false alarms

ESET, Microsoft and Panda had zero false alarms on the used set of clean files.

Kaspersky Lab 2 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
InViewer package UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic fp_prevalence_2
WinSweep package UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic fp_prevalence_1


Lavasoft 2 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
MaxPasswords package Trojan.Generic.12923569  fp_prevalence_2
SafeNSec package Trojan.Generic.13008834  fp_prevalence_1


Tencent 2 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Cleaner package TR/Rogue.10439119  fp_prevalence_4
SafeNSec package TR/Rogue.14336.61  fp_prevalence_1


Bitdefender 2 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Mahjongg package Gen:Variant.Kazy.711143 fp_prevalence_5
ProjectPrivacy package Gen:Variant.Symmi.51003 fp_prevalence_1


Emsisoft 3 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Mahjong package Gen:Variant.Kazy.711143 (B) fp_prevalence_5
MaxPasswords package Trojan.Generic.12923569 (B) fp_prevalence_2
SafeNSec package Trojan.Generic.13008834 (B) fp_prevalence_1


Trend Micro 4 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
GameAccelerator package TROJ_HIDEFIL.BMC fp_prevalence_1
RadioFree package Possible_Virus fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package TROJ_GEN.R015C0EE715 fp_prevalence_1
TempControl package Cryp_Xed-12 fp_prevalence_1


BullGuard 4 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Mahjong package Gen:Variant.Kazy.711143  fp_prevalence_5
MaxPasswords package Trojan.Generic.12923569  fp_prevalence_2
ProjectPrivacy package Gen:Variant.Symmi.51003  fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package Trojan.Generic.13008834  fp_prevalence_1


eScan 4 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Mahjong package Gen:Variant.Kazy.711143 (DB) fp_prevalence_5
MaxPasswords package Trojan.Generic.12923569 (DB) fp_prevalence_2
ProjectPrivacy package Gen:Variant.Symmi.51003[(DB) fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package Trojan.Generic.13008834 (DB) fp_prevalence_1


AVIRA 4 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Amazon package HEUR/APC (Cloud) fp_prevalence_4
Cleaner package TR/Rogue.10439119 fp_prevalence_4
Presentation package CLN/NoAutoCRC.Gen.33 (Cloud) fp_prevalence_5
SafeNSec package TR/Rogue.14336.61 fp_prevalence_3


AVG 6 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
CrashCheck package Win32/DH{gRKBE0F3dg} fp_prevalence_2
eTrust package Win32/DH{AGFi} fp_prevalence_3
MDECompiler package BackDoor.Generic18.CFPU fp_prevalence_2
MusicMaker package SHeur4.CIKG fp_prevalence_2
SafeXP package Win32/Heur fp_prevalence_2
Tuner package Generic36.BTUH fp_prevalence_2


McAfee 7 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
BMKbuddy package Artemis!91A002BDA561 fp_prevalence_1
Kuebler package Artemis!FC5059A421A4 fp_prevalence_1
ManualAttaching package Artemis!67FE7835B937 fp_prevalence_2
Medion package Artemis!3BFD3CB9537D fp_prevalence_3
SafeNSec package Artemis!F55DEDAF88CA fp_prevalence_1
SmadAV package Artemis!C515C219CDDA fp_prevalence_1
Sony package Artemis!93F30CBB3015 fp_prevalence_3


Sophos 8 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Aquadream package Mal/EncPk-ABFO fp_prevalence_1
DeadTimeStories package Mal/Generic-S fp_prevalence_5
eDataMSNFix package Mal/Generic-S fp_prevalence_3
iPodder package Mal/Generic-S fp_prevalence_1
PerfMenu package Mal/Generic-S fp_prevalence_1
SeaMonkey package Mal/EncPk-BW fp_prevalence_1
SimplePaint package Mal/FakeAV-OZ fp_prevalence_1
WWFdesktop package Mal/Packer fp_prevalence_1


Fortinet 12 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Acer package W32/Kryptik.DSKO!tr fp_prevalence_4
Acrobat package W32/Generic.AC.2505476 fp_prevalence_5
Colours package W32/Injector.CHUQ!tr fp_prevalence_1
DigitalMedia package W32/Waski.A!tr fp_prevalence_1
Ikarus package W32/Kryptik.DSKO!tr fp_prevalence_1
Pause package PossibleThreat.SB!tr fp_prevalence_1
PrimeSuspects package PossibleThreat.SB!tr fp_prevalence_2
ProcList package W32/Injector.CFKV!tr fp_prevalence_1
SwiftButton package W32/Kryptik.DSKO!tr fp_prevalence_1
SysReport package W32/Injector.CFKV!tr fp_prevalence_1
Valve package W32/Generic.AC.62635 fp_prevalence_5
WGet package W32/Agent.MRLO!tr fp_prevalence_2


Quick Heal 16 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
HDDScan package ExeShield Protector fp_prevalence_5
Ino package HLLP.Taras.4423 fp_prevalence_1
Joshua package eXPressor fp_prevalence_3
Katalog package ExeShield Protector fp_prevalence_1
Mahjong package EE:Malwr.Heur.Kazy.711143 fp_prevalence_5
MaxPasswords package EE:Malware.Generic.12923569 fp_prevalence_2
Mimocho package Trojan.Diple.08520 fp_prevalence_1
Notfall package File is suspicious fp_prevalence_2
Passmark package W32.Vampiro.B fp_prevalence_4
PowerBatch package ExeShield Protector fp_prevalence_1
Registryhealer package EXECryptor fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package EE:Malware.Generic.13008834 fp_prevalence_1
SimpleFileShredder package ExeShield Protector fp_prevalence_1
StrongSearch package ExeShield Protector fp_prevalence_1
TVgenial package ExeShield Protector fp_prevalence_2
zWecker package PC Shrinker fp_prevalence_1


F-Secure 17 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Adobe package W32/Virut.f8539f0198!Online fp_prevalence_4
BodyPaint package W32/Shellcode.b345120242!Online fp_prevalence_1
Cinema package W32/Shellcode.b345120242!Online fp_prevalence_3
FinePrint package W32/Gen4135.1fc23018e8!Online fp_prevalence_1
Helium package W32/Malware.e8e7ed8448!Online fp_prevalence_1
MaxPasswords package Trojan.Generic.12923569 fp_prevalence_2
PDFserver package W32/Gen2139.faa49fd666!Online fp_prevalence_2
SafeNSec package W32/Malware.aa077bd836!Online fp_prevalence_1
SmadAV package W32/Agent.DQOA fp_prevalence_1
Synopsis package W32/Malware.0c8969b4cf!Online fp_prevalence_3
T2I package W32/Gen4135.d4b69ee86b!Online fp_prevalence_1
TempControl package W32/Malware.afa07e621b!Online fp_prevalence_1
Time2Backup package W32/Malware.cf37601bc1!Online fp_prevalence_2
Tourismus package W32/Malware.0c8969b4cf!Online fp_prevalence_1
Trust package W32/Malware.3a35623f06!Online fp_prevalence_1
WinOnCD package W32/Gen1527.3d4465156c!Online fp_prevalence_1
Xtreme package W32/Coinminer.99db20ce3c!Online fp_prevalence_3


ThreatTrack Vipre 17 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Audatex package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_2
CFOSspeed package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_2
Clickr package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_2
CrashDown package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_5
F-Secure package BehavesLike.Win32.Malware.bsw fp_prevalence_2
GenDel package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_5
HDDLife package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_2
Heroes package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_5
Kodak package BehavesLike.Win32.Malware.bsw fp_prevalence_4
Meedio package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_3
Olivetti package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_3
PodTools package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_2
SecretZip package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_3
SimplyZip package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_1
Symantec package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_5
Tiscali package Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT fp_prevalence_1
Visualization package Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent fp_prevalence_4


Avast 35 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Acer package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_4
BackupWizard package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
BCrypt package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
ByteMobile package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Compaq package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_2
DeskCalc package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
DivX package Win32:Malware-gen fp_prevalence_4
Druckerei package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_2
Eicon package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
eScan package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_2
EuCaSoft package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
FirstAid package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
FlashTool package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Fujitsu package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_3
FurnPlan package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Heko package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
IBM package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Inoculate package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
IntraPact package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Kaspersky package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_2
LANGuard package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
MedXpert package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Melody package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Oobe package Win32:Agent-AVRG [Trj] fp_prevalence_4
Pelco package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_2
PiratenSchatz package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_2
SendToToys package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Simon package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Suffering package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
SunnyBall package Win32:Malware-gen fp_prevalence_1
Trend Micro package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_3
Webbit package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
WebPlayer package Win32:Malware-gen fp_prevalence_5
WhiteOut package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1
Zylom package Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] fp_prevalence_1


Baidu 139 False Alarms
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AbcOE package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Acer package Trojan.Autorun.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Adobe package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
AIMFix package Trojan.QQThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Aranea package Trojan.Adware.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Assembler package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Automate package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
AZN package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
BIPA package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_5
Blinkx package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Brockhaus package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Busch package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
CA package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Cabook package Exploit.CVE-2014-1761 fp_prevalence_1
CaPoS package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
CDDruckerei package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
CDManager package Trojan.Autorun.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Cleaner package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
ClockCyb package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Cooxie package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
CPUcool package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
CPUFSB package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
CrossFire package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
CWShredder package Trojan.GameThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Cygwin package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
DiaShow package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
DragZ package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Dreikampf package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
DrWeb package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Duden package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
EA package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
EasyBurning package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
EasyIndex package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
eScan package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
EuroReisekosten package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Ewido package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
ExifTool package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Fdos package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
FileHandler package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
FileWorks package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
FilZip package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Firefox package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
FlexMail package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
FotoFit package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Framewood package Trojan.Autorun.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
FreshUI package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
GameGuard package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
GameXP package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
GoldRush package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
GTA package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_5
HandyPack package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
HardwareSensor package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Hartlauer package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_5
HastaZip package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Heroglyph package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
HomeMedia package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
HP package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
IdentityProtection package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Ikaros package package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
Installer2Go package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
IoWare package Trojan.GameThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
JdTricks package Trojan.Autorun.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
JumpTo package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Kaspersky package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Kensington package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
McAfee package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Micrografx package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Mittelerde package Trojan.GameThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
MobileMedia package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
MSServer2003 package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
MSWindows2000 package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
MSWindows98 package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
MSWindowsME package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
MSWindowsNT package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
MSWindowsXP package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Navigon package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Need4Speed package Trojan.GameThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
NewsLeecher package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Obscure package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
OnlineEye package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
PhotoImpact package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
PixPower package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
PlantsVsZombies package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
PlayMovie package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
PowerArchiver package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
PowerBatch package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
PowerStd package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
PrimeSuspects package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
PunicWar package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Purge package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
QuickCliq package Trojan.Downloader.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
RadioSuite package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Rally package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Redfield package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
RegistryHealer package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Rose package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
RPMTuning package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
RTF2HTML package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package TR/Rogue.14336.61 fp_prevalence_3
SaferMail package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
SafeXP package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
SecretMaker package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
Sims package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
SIW package Trojan.GameThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
SmartPro package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
SmartSuite package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Soccer package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Sony package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Sophos package Trojan.Win32.Agent.50 fp_prevalence_4
SpamAgent package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
SpamFighter package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Stripper package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
SuperCollapse package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Sygate package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
Symantec package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
SysBackup package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_4
SysRescue package Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
SystemSafety package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Targem package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Thief package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_5
ThumbsPlus package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Tierpension package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
TippTop package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Toolbook package Trojan.Autorun.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
TransXP package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
TuneUpUtilities package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Tunguska package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
TVnoise package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
TweakPower package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Unreal package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
Vbox package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
VideoDeluxe package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
WarCraft package Trojan.GameThief.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
WhatSpeed package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
WildFire package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
WinInBlack package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3
ZipMagic package Trojan.Generic.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_2
ZipZag package Trojan.Backdoor.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_1
Zylom package Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen fp_prevalence_3


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