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Any Questions? This section lists our user`s frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us, if you cannot find the proper answer to your question.

Can AV-Comparatives conduct tests for products that require a real, live internet connection?

Yes, products that require a live internet connection (e.g. for in-the-cloud technologies) are tested with a live internet connection.

Would the free product versions score different than the paid versions included in the tests?

The paid product versions often include more features (and fewer ads), options and support than the free versions of the same vendor, but the engine and signatures are usually the same and would get nearly the same scores in most of our tests. A report comparing some free versions with paid versions can be found here.

I am a publisher/journalist and would like AV-Comparatives to test some products to be published in a magazine or similar. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. If you cover the additional testing expenses we can do the tests.

I am a publisher/journalist and would like to use the test results that AV-Comparatives provide on its website. Which rules do I have to follow?

You are allowed to use the published test results free of charge, but you should conform with the following rules:

  • give the source (avā€ and the date of when the test was performed (e.g. March 2018). You should always use the most recent test results
  • it is suggested that you let us proof-read your article before you publish it, in order to be sure that the results are interpreted correctly and not misused
  • we would like to know in which magazine our results are going to be published