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On this page you will find links to selected IT-security related news articles from various sources, including news from conferences and some test results. Posts in this category might be written by externals and students. If you find some interesting news, please let us know!

Upcoming AV-Comparatives’ Certification Tests 2024

Anti-virus test

As in previous years, we will be running certification tests for the following products:

We also offer comprehensive security assessments exclusively for enterprise products, covering enterprise security tests, EPR/XDR tests, and penetration/red-teaming evaluations.

Security vendors interested in participating in any of the aforementioned tests or seeking more details are invited to contact us by 31st of March 2024.

The difference between AV-Comparatives’ EPR Test and MITRE ATT&CK Engenuity

Both the AV-Comparatives EPR Test and MITRE Engenuity have their merits, each providing useful insights into endpoint security solutions. Understanding the differences between these two tests is essential for IT managers, CISOs, and other tech-savvy professionals looking to select endpoint security solutions that will effectively protect their environments.

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Data transmission in consumer security products

We have conducted a study on data transmission in consumer security products, addressing the concerns of Internet users regarding the access and usage of their personal information. While computer security software has a legitimate need to send certain system information to its manufacturers, such as details of malware for effective user protection, it is crucial that programs do not indiscriminately transmit personal data without the explicit knowledge and consent of the system’s owner. This report provides valuable insights into the data-sending practices of popular consumer security programs.

We are delighted to announce that more information in addition to this report will be published in a report by PC Magazin, PCgo, The article (in German) can now be found here.

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