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AV products certified for phishing protection in AV-Comparatives´ 2023 test

Anti-Phishing test: security products published passing the 2023 test

Every year we publish the results of our phishing protection certification test. These tests evaluate the protection provided against phishing websites. These deceptive websites can pose a real threat to Internet users as they attempt to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

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Anti-Tampering Certification Test

AV-Comparatives has published the results of the Anti-Tampering Certification Test on its website, complete with detailed information about the methodology and criteria used in the evaluation. Each year, AV-Comparatives offers a focus test, allowing vendors to apply for certification. This year, the emphasis was on “Defense Evasion” (Anti-Tampering). Both vendors and customers are encouraged to review the results and use them to make informed decisions regarding cybersecurity solutions.

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