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AV-Comparatives Security Survey 2021 published

Every year AV-Comparatives conducts a security survey asking users their opinion and preference on security products. In our global survey we ask users on various security related topics. The opinions and preferences from the end user community provide us with valuable feedback. The results help us increase the relevance and value of anti-virus software testing. We want to thank all who join the surveys and spend their time to complete them.

The security survey can be seen here. Download PDF here.

Users from all around the world answered a variety of questions on IT-security related topics. These included which desktop operating system, mobile operating system and browser respondents used. Results suggest that survey participants may be more conscious of security and privacy issues than the average user, as they tend to use up-to-date operating systems and browsers with advanced privacy features.

Unsurprisingly, the survey asked users which security products they use to protect their desktop and mobile devices, and if they used paid or free versions. In both OS categories, just a few products made up the top five products in all geographical regions. A majority of users were satisfied with their current security solution. The survey asked those who were not why they wanted to change, and this turned up an unexpected answer.

Respondents were also asked which products (business and consumer) they would like to see tested by AV-Comparatives. The survey concluded with questions about the best-known and most trusting antivirus testing labs.