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An Invitation to Rigorous Excellence: Join AV-Comparatives’ Main-Test Series 2024

The independent ISO-certified security testing lab’s continuous long-term test is the most comprehensive and rigorous assessment of its kind.

In the high-stakes field of cybersecurity, independent validation proves invaluable. For years, AV-Comparatives has maintained an unwavering commitment to deliver such authoritative validation, offering a comprehensive, detailed evaluation of endpoint security solutions.

We cordially invite all esteemed vendors to participate in our upcoming Main-Test Series. This rigorous evaluation regime represents nothing less than the gold standard in endpoint security scrutiny. To become a part of this gold-standard security testing, vendors can simply initiate their journey by registering their interest on our contact page.

Stepping Into the Arena: The Promise of the Main-Test Series
Why should vendors consider joining this esteemed evaluation process? Let’s delve into what the Main-Test Series can offer:

  1. Unbiased Evaluations: As an independent, ISO-certified security testing lab, we stand separate from any vendor affiliations. This independence allows us to assess each participating solution purely on its merits, delivering an objective and equitable analysis.
  2. Thorough Analysis: Depth and precision define our Main-Test Series. We probe into the very core of each endpoint solution, illuminating the technical intricacies whilst maintaining clarity – a detailed exploration that helps vendors and users alike understand the product better.
  3. Recognised Excellence: A prominent performance in our Main Test Series serves as a beacon in the dense cybersecurity landscape, signalling your product’s superior capabilities and reliability to an audience of IT managers, CISOs, and tech professionals.
  4. Valuable Insights and Feedback: Not only confirming the efficacy of your solution, our test results also provide insights that can aid enhancement, identify areas for future development, and spotlight potential weaknesses.

Preparing for Rigour: Gearing Up for the Main-Test Series
We encourage all vendors eager to join this rigorous evaluation to familiarise themselves with our testing methodology and guidelines. Such preparatory work will help vendors to understand our distinct testing approach and criteria. You can find detailed information on our Testing Methodology page.

Setting Foot on the Path of Excellence: How to Join
To become a part of this gold-standard security testing, vendors can simply initiate their journey by registering their interest on our contact page.

The commitment to excellence is not an easy path, but it is a rewarding one. Here at AV-Comparatives, we are continuously pushing the limits of evaluation in cybersecurity, dissecting complex concepts without unnecessary jargon and providing IT managers, CISOs, and other professionals with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions.

Join us in the Main-Test Series and show the tech world that you take your customers’ security seriously. Stand with us and reaffirm your commitment to deliver nothing short of the best.