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Anti-Phishing Certification 2017

Anti-phishing test: security products published passing the 2017 test

Every year we publish the results of our phishing protection test. These tests evaluate the protection provided against phishing websites. These deceptive websites can pose a real threat to Internet users, as they attempt to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Relevance of phishing protection

According to studies by the Friedrich-Alexander University of Nuremberg, nearly 80 percent of people are aware of the risks of links in electronic communication from unknown senders, but nearly half of them click on these links anyway when the message is promising or looks authentic.

Only four security products passed the 2017 anti-phishing test

Some security products have special protection mechanisms in place to detect phishing attempts in an early stage. Our anti-phishing challenge is an opportunity for these vendors to demonstrate the effectiveness of their anti-phishing mechanisms. A number of security companies took part in this test, of which only four passed and acquired the Approved Anti-Phishing Product certification.

Security products passing the challenge have been proven to successfully block at least 90% of phishing URLs. These URLs were fresh and active phishing campaigns, which we collected, verified and analyzed through our real-world malware testing environment. This live test set is what makes our phishing protection test so challenging and unique.

As always, the single product reports are available on our website and freely accessible to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions.