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Business Test Factsheet August-September 2023

We released the August-September factsheet of the Business Main-Test Series. You can find the factsheet here:

The full and more detailed report – containing also a Performance test and product reviews – will be released in December.

AV-Comparatives Releases Factsheet with Enterprise Real-World and Malware Protection Test Results for Q3 2023

AV-Comparatives presents the most recent Real-World Protection and Malware Protection Test results for August and September 2023 as part of the ongoing Enterprise Main-Test Series. This independent institute’s mission is to deliver invaluable insights into the performance of security software solutions for businesses worldwide, and it has gained global recognition as a trusted authority in this field.

The Tested Products

The comprehensive tests featured a lineup of 16 leading security products, all designed to safeguard businesses in today’s cyber landscape. The products evaluated were: Avast Ultimate Business Security, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Premium, Cisco Secure Endpoint Essentials, CrowdStrike Falcon Pro, Cybereason NGAV, Elastic Security, ESET PROTECT Entry with ESET PROTECT Cloud, G Data Endpoint Protection Business, K7 On-Premises Enterprise Security Advanced, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select with KSC, Microsoft Defender Antivirus with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Sophos Intercept X Advanced, Trellix Endpoint Security, VIPRE Endpoint Protection Cloud, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard, and WatchGuard Endpoint Protection Platform.

Real-World Protection Test

The Real-World Protection Test represents a rigorous evaluation of each product’s capability to defend against hundreds of malicious cases. These test cases span a wide range of current malicious sites, providing a comprehensive assessment of the protective capabilities of each product. The results of this test, as well as insights into false positives, are now available in the factsheet. However, for those seeking an in-depth analysis covering four months of ongoing testing, the full results will be published in December.

Malware Protection Test

The Malware Protection Test assesses each product’s effectiveness in guarding systems against infection by malicious files, both before and after execution. This evaluation includes detection rates and the product’s ability to prevent malicious programs from making unauthorized changes to the system. The products underwent testing with a set of around thousand malware samples. To ensure that security solutions do not compromise system performance with high false-alarm rates, a comprehensive false-positives test was also conducted in conjunction with the Malware Protection Test.

Accessing the Factsheet

Like all public test reports by AV-Comparatives, the factsheet is available for download free of charge and without the need for registration from the institute’s website. The August-September 2023 factsheet of the Business main-test series can be found at the following link:

Stay tuned for the full and detailed report, scheduled for release in December. AV-Comparatives remains committed to providing businesses with the most up-to-date and reliable information to help them make informed decisions about their security software choices.