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Consumer Real-World Protection Test Factsheet Feb-Mar 2021

The first factsheet results (for February/March) of the ongoing Consumer Real-World Protection Test are now available! The full results will be published in June.

As part of its ongoing consumer main-test series, AV-Comparatives has just released a factsheet with the latest test results for its Real-World Protection Test ran in February and March 2021. The Austrian antivirus testing lab conducts systematic testing of security software solutions to protect consumers against cybercrime. Certification by AV-Comparatives is considered to be a globally accepted yardstick for the approval of software performance.

The results in the factsheet of the Real-World Protection Test released by AV-Comparatives are based on 354 live test cases including working exploits and URLs pointing directly to malware. The test-cases used cover a wide range of current malicious sites, highlighting the quality of protection offered by various products. This AV test by AV-Comparatives provides detailed insights into the actual capabilities of as many as 17 popular anti-virus products. The results of the false-positives test are also available in the factsheet report.

The Real-World Protection Test is currently one of the most comprehensive and complex tests available, using a relatively large number of test cases. Currently, we are running this test under updated Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit with up-to-date third-party software such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, etc. Every few months, we update the charts on our website showing the protection rates of the various tested products over the past months.