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Which settings and conditions are used for your tests?

All security solutions run in a separated environment (each with its own isolated Internet connection). A full description of the settings and conditions for each test is given in the respective test report.  

We test all consumer products with their default settings, since surveys reveal that most home users keep their security programs at advised (default) settings. There is one exception to this rule, namely that we enable detection of potentially unwanted applications (PUA) if available. However, we do not test for PUAs, and use our own checks and analysis of samples to ensure that no verified PUA samples are counted in our test scores.

In business environments, and with business products in general, it is usual for products to be configured by the system administrator, in accordance with vendor’s guidelines. Thus we allow all vendors to configure their respective products. However, as with consumer products, we enable PUA detection but do not count verified PUA samples in the test scores.