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False Alarm Test September 2017

Date September 2017
Language English
Last Revision October 12th 2017

Appendix to the Anti-Virus Comparative September 2017

Release date 2017-10-15
Revision date 2017-10-12
Test Period September 2017
Online with cloud connectivity checkbox-checked
Update allowed checkbox-checked
False Alarm Test included checkbox-checked
Platform/OS Microsoft Windows


This report is an appendix to the Malware Protection Test September 2017 listing details about the discovered False Alarms.

In AV testing, it is important to measure not only detection capabilities but also reliability. One aspect of reliability is the ability to recognize clean files as such, and not to produce false alarms (false positives). No product is immune from false positives (FPs), but some produce more than others. False Positives Tests measure which programs do best in this respect. There is no complete collection of all legitimate files that exist, and so no “ultimate” test of FPs can be done. What can be done, and is reasonable, is to create and use a set of clean files which is independently collected. If, when using such a set, one product has e.g. 30 FPs and another only 5, it is likely that the first product is more prone to FPs than the other. It doesn’t mean the product with 5 FPs doesn’t have more than 5 FPs globally, but it is the relative number that is important.

Tested Products

Test Procedure

In order to give more information to the user about the false alarms, we try to rate the prevalence of the false alarms. Files which were digitally signed are considered more important. Due to that, a file with the lowest prevalence level (Level 1) and a valid digital signature is upgraded to the next level (e.g. prevalence “level 2”). Files which according to several telemetry sources had zero prevalence have been provided to the vendors in order to fix them, but have also been removed from the set and were not counted as false alarms.

The prevalence is given in five categories and labeled with the following colors: fp_prevalence

LevelPresumed number of affected usersComments
1fp_prevalence_1Probably fewer than hundred usersIndividual cases, old or rarely used files, very low prevalence
2fp_prevalence_2Probably several hundreds of users

Initial distribution of such files was probably much higher, but current usage on actual systems is lower (despite its presence), that is why also well-known software may now affect / have only a prevalence of some hundreds or thousands of users.
3fp_prevalence_3Probably several thousands of users
4fp_prevalence_4Probably several tens of thousands (or more) of users
5fp_prevalence_5Probably several hundreds of thousands or millions of usersSuch cases are likely to be seen much less frequently in a false alarm test done at a specific time, as such files are usually either whitelisted or would be noticed and fixed very fast.

Most false alarms will probably fall into the first two levels most of the time. In our opinion, anti-virus products should not have false alarms on any sort of clean files regardless of how many users are currently affected by them. While some AV vendors may play down the risk of false alarms and play up the risk of malware, we are not going to rate products based on what the supposed prevalence of false alarms is. We already allow a certain number of false alarms (currently 10) inside our clean set before we start penalizing scores, and in our opinion products which produce a higher number of false alarms are also more likely to produce false alarms with more prevalent files (or in other sets of clean files). The prevalence data we give for clean files is just for informational purpose. The listed prevalence can differ inside the report, depending on which file/version the false alarm occurred, and/or how many files of the same kind were affected.


All listed false alarms were encountered at the time of testing. False alarms caused by unencrypted data blocks in anti-virus related files were not counted. If a product had several false alarms belonging to the same application, it is counted here as only one false alarm. Cracks, keygens, or other highly questionable tools, including FPs distributed/shared primarily by vendors (which may be in the several thousands) or other non-independent sources are not counted here as false positives.

Test Results

There may be a variation in the number of false positives produced by two different programs that use the same engine (principal detection component). For example, Vendor A may license its detection engine to Vendor B, but Vendor A’s product may have more or fewer false positives than Vendor B’s product. This can be due to factors such as different internal settings being implemented, differences in other components and services such as additional or differing secondary engines/signatures/whitelist databases/cloud services/quality assurance, and possible time delay between the release of the original signatures and the availability of the signatures for third-party products.

False Positives (FPs) are an important measurement for AV quality. One FP report from a customer can result in large amount of engineering and support work to resolve the issue.  Sometimes this can even lead to important data loss or system unavailability.  Even “not significant” FPs (or FPs on older applications) deserve mention and attention because FPs are likely to be a result of principled rule detections.  It just happened that the FP was on an insignificant file. The FP possibility is probably still in the product and could cause an FP again on a more significant file. Thus, they still deserve mention and still deserve to be penalised. Below you will find the false alarms we observed in our independent set of clean files. Red entries highlight false alarms on files that were digitally signed.

1.ESET0no/very few FPs
2.McAfee2 few FPs
5.Bitdefender, BullGuard, VIPRE5
6.Emsisoft, Microsoft6
8.Avast, AVG9
10.Avira12 many FPs
16.Trend Micro80 very many FPs
17.Symantec274 remarkably many FPs

Details about the discovered false alarms

ESET had zero false alarms on the used set of clean files.

McAfee 2 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
ConMana package Artemis!15BECDDD6D7B fp_prevalence_1
TalkSender package GenericRXAV-IV!87E29BAC562F fp_prevalence_1


eScan 3 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1 (DB)  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628 (DB)  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986 (DB)  fp_prevalence_1


Adaware 4 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558  fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986  fp_prevalence_1


Bitdefender 5 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AirFlow package Zum.Androm.1  fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558  fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986  fp_prevalence_1


BullGuard 5 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AirFlow package Zum.Androm.1  fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558  fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986  fp_prevalence_1


VIPRE 5 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AirFlow package Zum.Androm.1  fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558  fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986  fp_prevalence_1


Emsisoft 6 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AirFlow package Zum.Androm.1  fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558  fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628  fp_prevalence_1
OrangeGem package Trojan.Sinowal.Gen.1  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986  fp_prevalence_1


Microsoft 6 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AnimationSuite package  Exploit:HTML/CodeBaseExec  fp_prevalence_1
Cypics package  Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl  fp_prevalence_1
eRightSoft package Trojan:Win32/Dynamer!ac  fp_prevalence_1
HackerSecurity package Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl  fp_prevalence_1
Silverke package Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl  fp_prevalence_1
TouchAble package Trojan:Win32/Fuery.A!cl  fp_prevalence_1


Seqrite 8 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Apfelmann package EE:Malware.Generic.20825558   fp_prevalence_1
Cubes package Trojan.IGENERIC   fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package EE:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package EE:Malwr.Heur.MSILPerseus.117628  fp_prevalence_1
Imation package TrojanPWS.Crypt  fp_prevalence_1
MyPCBackup package Trojan.IGENERIC  fp_prevalence_1
SIW package Trojan.IGENERIC  fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package EE:Malwr.Heur.Razy.218986  fp_prevalence_1


Avast 9 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AcpCtrl package  Win32:Malware-gen   fp_prevalence_1
AtomConverter package  Win32:Evo-gen   fp_prevalence_1
AutoPlay package Win32:Evo-gen  fp_prevalence_1
CS package Win32:Evo-gen  fp_prevalence_1
DNSQuery package FileRepMalware  fp_prevalence_1
Prey package FileRepMalware  fp_prevalence_1
SurfBlocker package Win32:Evo-gen  fp_prevalence_1
TwinkiePaste package Win32:Dh-A  fp_prevalence_1
ZHPCleaner package FileRepMalware  fp_prevalence_1


AVG 9 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AcpCtrl package  Win32:Malware-gen   fp_prevalence_1
AtomConverter package  Win32:Evo-gen   fp_prevalence_1
AutoPlay package Win32:Evo-gen  fp_prevalence_1
CS package Win32:Evo-gen  fp_prevalence_1
DNSQuery package FileRepMalware  fp_prevalence_1
Prey package FileRepMalware  fp_prevalence_1
SurfBlocker package Win32:Evo-gen  fp_prevalence_1
TwinkiePaste package Win32:Dh-A  fp_prevalence_1
ZHPCleaner package FileRepMalware fp_prevalence_1


Kaspersky Lab 10 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Acrobat package  DangerousObject.Multi.Generic   fp_prevalence_1
Deskline package  Trojan.Win32.TDSS.rfeb   fp_prevalence_1
DreiKampf package DangerousObject.Multi.Generic  fp_prevalence_1
eBayWatcher package DangerousObject.Multi.Generic  fp_prevalence_1
Elba package DangerousObject.Multi.Generic  fp_prevalence_1
Ferrari package DangerousObject.Multi.Generic  fp_prevalence_1
Norman package  fp_prevalence_1
Saver package Trojan.Win32.Scar.pshu  fp_prevalence_1
SpyBlocker package Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Dinwod.gen  fp_prevalence_1
TransXP package DangerousObject.Multi.Generic  fp_prevalence_1


AVIRA 12 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
ActivePresenter package  HEUR/APC   fp_prevalence_1
Anno package  HEUR/APC   fp_prevalence_1
DeadBolt package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
DebutVideo package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
Inside package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
QB package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
ThuBattery package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
VisualStudio package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
WGet package HEUR/APC  fp_prevalence_1
YouDown package TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen7  fp_prevalence_1
Zimmermann package TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen  fp_prevalence_1


Crowdstrike 16 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Adressen package   High Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
Civilization package High Severity Activity Prevented   fp_prevalence_1
Comeleo package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
Doris package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
FineReader package High Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
FotoFit package Low Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
GT4T package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
HP package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
MusicMaker package Low Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
Passwort package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
Siedler package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
Tennis package High Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
Tierpension package Low Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
VisualStudio package Low Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
WX package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1
ZipPack package Medium Severity Activity Prevented  fp_prevalence_1


Tencent 20 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Acer package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558 fp_prevalence_1
Cleaner package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Deskline package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
eBayWatcher package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1 fp_prevalence_1
HotCorners package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
IE package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Iron package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Kloetzchen package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Menue package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
ORF package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Rapid package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
Repair package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
SpyBlocker package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986 fp_prevalence_1
Tierpension package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
VisualStudio package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1
WormCleaner package Malicious file fp_prevalence_1


F-Secure 22 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Apfelmann package Trojan.Generic.20825558 fp_prevalence_1
Avid package Trojan:W32/Generic.472343a2a9!Online fp_prevalence_1
Billeo package Trojan-dropper:W32/Coinminer.05e461fc33!Online fp_prevalence_1
CheMax package Trojan.GenericKD.4918272 fp_prevalence_1
Cleaner package Trojan:W32/Gen1527.664414a2b6!Online fp_prevalence_1
DrGrips package Trojan:W32/Generic.a05128a703!Online fp_prevalence_1
Feratel package Trojan:W32/Generic.0c8969b4cf!Online fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1 fp_prevalence_1
Herold package Trojan:W32/Generic.700133a4e8!Online fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.117628 fp_prevalence_1
IncredibleHulk package Trojan:W32/Generic.b5ab5a2d8f!Online fp_prevalence_1
MakeInstantPlayer package Trojan:W32/BitCoinMiner.J fp_prevalence_1
ND package Trojan:W32/Generic.b61f95dc11!Online fp_prevalence_1
ORF package Trojan:W32/Gen1527.36cc645ee3!Online fp_prevalence_1
PanoStudio package Trojan:W32/Generic.9883449c12!Online fp_prevalence_1
PDFmerger package Trojan:W32/Generic.9d72d7882a!Online fp_prevalence_1
Rapid package Trojan:W32/Generic.3a363c348a!Online fp_prevalence_1
Repair package Trojan:W32/Generic.4d7c9d6f6c!Online fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package Trojan:W32/Generic.aa077bd836!Online fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Gen:Variant.Razy.218986 fp_prevalence_1
WinHotel package Trojan:W32/Generic.0c8969b4cf!Online fp_prevalence_1
XMLconverter package Trojan:W32/Generic.86bc19aefc!Online fp_prevalence_1


Fortinet 26 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
Acer package W32/Generic.AC.12270!tr fp_prevalence_1
Chrome package W32/Kryptik.FCRG!tr fp_prevalence_1
Clock package W32/Generic.AC.371739!tr fp_prevalence_1
ConCentre package W32/Generic.AP.19EE7BF!tr fp_prevalence_1
CounterStrike package W32/Generic.AC.3766AE!tr fp_prevalence_1
DLLkiller package W32/Generic.AC.3AAE8F!tr fp_prevalence_1
DVDVideo package PossibleThreat fp_prevalence_1
Flacon package W32/Generic.AC.3AAE8F!tr fp_prevalence_1
FunDisc package Malicious_Behavior.SB fp_prevalence_1
FunnyBubbles package W32/Generic.AC.371739!tr fp_prevalence_1
GeoSet package W32/Injector.CVSJ!tr fp_prevalence_1
HotCorners package W32/Generic.AC.1B80!tr fp_prevalence_1
Iron package W32/Kryptik.FCRG!tr fp_prevalence_1
Kuranin package PossibleThreat fp_prevalence_1
Lexmark package W32/Kryptik.FSFD!tr fp_prevalence_1
Menue package W32/Generic.AC.106B8B!tr fp_prevalence_1
Moorhuhn package W32/Generic.AC.12A46A!tr fp_prevalence_1
NSW package W32/Generic.AC.38E8!tr fp_prevalence_1
PDFmachine package W32/Generic.AC.3AAE8F!tr fp_prevalence_1
PowerBatch package W32/Locky.L!tr fp_prevalence_1
Smad package W32/Generic.AP.6B9831C!tr fp_prevalence_1
SPX package W32/Kryptik.EWDD!tr fp_prevalence_1
Toshiba package W32/Kryptik.FNFF!tr fp_prevalence_1
Transfer package W32/TrojanDldr.SEVE!tr fp_prevalence_1
Triton package W32/Generic.AC.2CC38C!tr fp_prevalence_1
XPI package W32/Generic.AC.3F354C!tr fp_prevalence_1


Panda 42 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
ActivePresenter package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Adressen package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
AmericanConquest package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Asynch package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
AtomConverter package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Comeleo package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
DeadBolt package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Deskline package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Doris package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
DreiKampf package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
DrGrips package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
FotoFit package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
GT4T package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Herold package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Inside package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Kuranin package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Menue package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
MyPCBackup package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Norman package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Passwort package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
PowerBatch package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Puzzle package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
SAM package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Saver package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
SmartFix package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
SpyBlocker package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
SurfBlocker package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Tennis package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Tiscali package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Transfer package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
VisualStudio package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
Vuex package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
WGet package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
WinHotel package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
WX package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
YouDown package Trojan fp_prevalence_1
ZHP package Trojan fp_prevalence_1


Trend Micro 80 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
ActivePresenter package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Adressen package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
AirFlow package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
AnimationSuite package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Anonym package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Apfelmann package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
AutoPlay package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Billeo package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Browster package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
CDWriter package TROJ_VAPSUP.UI fp_prevalence_1
Comeleo package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
ConCentre package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
CPUcool package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Cubes package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Cypics package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
DB2EXE package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
DeadBolt package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
DebutVideo package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Doris package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
DreiKampf package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
eBayWatcher package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
eRightSoft package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
ESET package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Firefox package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
FunnyBubbles package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
FurnPlan package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
GameAccelerator package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
GeoSet package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
GMER package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
GoogleUpdater package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
GT4T package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
HackerSecurity package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Herold package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
HurtWorld package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
IceAge package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
IE package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Inside package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Joshua package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Klepto package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Kloetzchen package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Kuranin package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
LG package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
McAfee package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Menue package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
NCH package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
NetTools package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
NewWorldOrder package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Norman package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
OrangeGem package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
ORF package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Passwort package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
PDFmachine package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
PowerBatch package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Puzzle package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Rapid package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
RegCool package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
SafeNSec package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Siedler package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Silverke package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
SmartFix package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
SPX package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
SpyBlocker package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
SucheTotal package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
SurfBlocker package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Tennis package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Tiscali package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Toshiba package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
TouchAble package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Transfer package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
TweakPower package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
TwinkiePaste package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
UltraDVD package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
VirtualForensic package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
VisualStudio package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
WGet package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
WinAMP package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
WinHotel package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
WX package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
ZHP package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1
Zimmermann package Suspicious File fp_prevalence_1


Symantec 274 False Alarm
False alarm found in some parts of Detected as Supposed prevalence
AceBackup package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Adobe package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
AmazingStudio package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
AmericanConquest package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Anlagenverbinder package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
AnyMusic package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Aplus package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
AppFuscator package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
Areca package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Ashampoo package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Atomaders package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
AutoHotKey package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
AverTV package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Avira package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Babylon package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
BartPE package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
BayWatcher package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
BeamYourScreen package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
BietOMatic package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Bitdefender package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Bmark package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
BmkBuddy package Trojan.Gen.2 fp_prevalence_1
BonkEnc package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
BoxedApp package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Boxod package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Brother package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Browster package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Busch package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Canon package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
CarPack package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
CCleaner package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
ChipInfo package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
ChopperAlley package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
CivilWar package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1
Clam package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Clikster package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
ClockGen package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
CloneSpy package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
CMD package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Comodo package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
CPUcool package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Creative package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
CutLogic package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Daphne package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Databecker package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
DateCalc package Trojan Horse fp_prevalence_1
DB2EXE package Trojan.ADH.2 fp_prevalence_1
Defrag package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Degeneration package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Diafaan package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
DigiBook package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
DrDivx package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Dropbox package Trojan.Gen.X fp_prevalence_1
EasiestSoft package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
EFcommander package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
ESET package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Ewido package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FFmpeg package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FileDateCorrector package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FileQuest package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
FilmMachine package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
FindYourMac package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FineReader package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1
Firefox package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FireTune package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
FlowCharter package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FolderShield package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Fontlister package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Fotograf package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
FoxitReader package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Fractalizer package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FreeFaktura package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FreshDow package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FreshUI package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Frisk package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
FunnyBubbles package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
GameXP package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Genius package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Gesundheit package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Glarysoft package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Glew package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Gmail package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
GMER package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Google package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
GPG package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
GranParadiso package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
GreTech package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
GroundControl package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Gsplit package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
GT4T package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Guardian package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HanoiTower package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
HDCleaner package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Heineken package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1
Heliotherm package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Helium package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Hexen package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HideAllIP package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
HiJackThis package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
HomeGuard package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
HomyFads package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HotelScout package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HP package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Httpd package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Huawei package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HydraVision package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HydroMagic package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
HyperCam package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
iCloud package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
IconXtractor package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
IcyTower package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
IE package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Ikaros package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
InfiniteTerrain package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
InterVideo package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Iomega package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
IOMeter package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
JetBrains package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Jigsaw package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
Joshua package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
Kaspersky package Trojan.Tooso!gen fp_prevalence_1
Kazaa package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Kensington package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Keystrokes package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
Klepto package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
KLSbackup package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1
Kmeleon package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Konvert package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
L2LC package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
Latex package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Lazarus package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Leadtek package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
LG package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Linkstash package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Listary package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
LiteStep package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Longtion package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MailBag package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Maptiler package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MediaInfo package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Medion package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Miui package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
MKV package Trojan.Gen.2 fp_prevalence_1
MM3 package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Mobility package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MovieClone package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MP3Database package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MP3Tag package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MSI package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
MyPC package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
NCH package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Nero package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
NewWorldOrder package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
NFOreader package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Nvidia package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
OnlineEye package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
OpenOffice package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Opera package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
ORF package Downloader fp_prevalence_1
OutlookAttachView package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Outpost package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
PaintShop package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Pamela package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Pango package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
PasswordCrypter package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
PCzeit package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
PDFexplorer package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
PDFsplit package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
PEBL package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
Phong package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
PhotoResizer package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
PowerDirector package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
PowerfulZip package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
PowerStrip package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
PowerVR package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Privoxy package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
Profan package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
ProfExam package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
ProxyCrypt package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
PureVPN package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Qemu package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
QuoteFix package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Radiosoft package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Rainlendar package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
Realtek package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Recompress package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
RegCool package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1 
RegistryCleanExpert package Trojan.Gen.2 fp_prevalence_1 
RegistryFirstAid package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
RemoteCommand package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
ReplaceStudio package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
RestoreNatur package Trojan.Gen.2 fp_prevalence_1 
Roboform package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
Robot package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
Route66 package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
RunWithParameters package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
SafetyBrowser package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud  fp_prevalence_1
SafeXP package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Sandboxie package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Sateirac package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
ScreenGIF package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
Search package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1 
Server2Go package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
SimplyZIP package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Skater package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
SkiRacing package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1 
SlimJet package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
SmartFix package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1
SoftCoronas package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
SpeedTest package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
SPSS package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
SpyBlock package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
StarCraft package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1 
StarDict package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
StartDelay package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1 
StationRipper package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
StealthNet package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
StormCloud package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
SurfBlocker package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1 
Sylpheed package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Tablacus package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TagRunner package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TaskCouch package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Tauscan package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TelefonCD package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
Tennis package Heur.AdvML.B fp_prevalence_1
TimeGuardian package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TinySoft package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Tiscali package Backdoor.Trojan fp_prevalence_1
TLKgames package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TnyHex package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Toppler package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TotalCommander package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
TuneBite package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
TweakPower package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1 
TwinkiePaste package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Ulead package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
UltraFileSearch package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Vanderlee package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1 
Viena package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Vimato package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
VirtualDub package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
VisualBasic package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
VisualFileSplitter package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
VoiceMasters package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
Volumouse package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
VstPlugins package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Webplugin package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
WgaOga package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
WheelKeys package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
WiFiManager package Heur.AdvML.A fp_prevalence_1 
WinACE package Trojan.Gen.2 fp_prevalence_1 
WinAMP package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Wings package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
WinHelp package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
WinnerTw package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1 
WinPower package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
WinRar package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
WinServices package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
WinZIP package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
Wits package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
WWFDesktop package Trojan.ADH fp_prevalence_1
XFlash package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Xlinksoft package Heur.AdvML.C fp_prevalence_1
XPY package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
XYplorer package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
Yamicsoft package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1
YAW package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1
Zattoo package Trojan.Gen.8!cloud fp_prevalence_1 
ZHP package SAPE.Heur.A60A1 fp_prevalence_1 
Zimmermann package Suspicious.Epi.3 fp_prevalence_1 
Zoner package Trojan.Dropper fp_prevalence_1 
Zortam package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1
Zylom package Suspicious.Epi.3  fp_prevalence_1

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