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Tag: mac security test

AV-Comparatives found a flaw in a macOS security feature that allowed unidentified apps to run (bypassing Gatekeeper checks)

In spring of 2019, AV-Comparatives ran a team-building event, in which their research team was asked to find security bugs on macOS. This was actually planned as a nice event with co-operative activities, but it happened that they found a security flaw on macOS Mojave 10.14.4 and earlier versions. The issue allows Gatekeeper to be bypassed, and unsigned apps from outside the App Store to be executed. The method used does not require any specialist knowledge or programming ability. Anyone who can create, copy and rename folders in Finder could do it, with a few very simple instructions.

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Mac Security Review/Test 2017

mac security

2017 Test & Review of Mac antivirus and security software

 The closed Apple ecosystem reduces the risk of malware, but does not make Mac’s immune to adware, spyware and other threats. The recent FruitFly malware for example spied on Mac users through their own webcams. In our Mac Security Review/Test 2017 we tested 9 popular Mac antivirus solutions.

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