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Tag: Spotlight on security

AV-Comparatives Explains the Implications of Takeovers in the IT-Security Industry

In recent years, there have been many acquisitions of security software manufacturers. This article considers the implications of such takeovers, with regard to cybersecurity, consumer choice and other factors. AV-Comparatives notes that their test results can help uncover any technical changes resulting from AV-vendor acquisitions.

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AV-Comparatives welcome UK guidelines on auto-renewal by antivirus vendors

The UK Government’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently published guidelines for antivirus software vendors with regard to auto-renewal of subscriptions. These Compliance Principles advise security software vendors who sell to UK consumers how to avoid falling foul of British consumer protection laws. Austrian AV test lab AV-Comparatives supports the principles behind the CMA guidelines. 

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Spotlight on Security: AV-Comparatives offers advice on choosing Android AV apps

This blogpost offers users assistance in selecting a suitable antivirus product for the Android platform. Eight of this year’s products qualified for certification, by reaching a malware protection rate of at least 99%, with less than 10 false positives, and a battery drain of less than 8%. In the Android 2021 test report, AV-Comparatives gives an overview of the general security-related components, which are summarised in the additional feature list. 

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Spotlight on Security: Digital Stalking Roundup

Digital stalking uses specialized malware, called stalkerware, to gain access to functions of a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The software allows the stalker to listen to and record phone calls, view stored photos and files, activate the camera, read all types of message, log keystrokes and track the victim’s location via the device GPS functionality. Stalkerware thus spies on every action. However, it is most probably not something that you have accidentally installed yourself, but is secretly installed on your device by someone who has access to this. Therefore, as a victim of digital stalking, it will probably only become noticeable when the perpetrator misuses private knowledge for their own purposes.

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Spotlight on Security: Malware and Anti-Malware for Apple Silicon

In late 2020, Apple started selling laptop, desktop and all-in-one Mac computers with a new type of ARM-based processor, called the M1. It is expected to be the first in a whole new range of such CPUs, collectively known as Apple Silicon. The change from Intel processors is believed to be partly so that Apple had complete control of their entire manufacturing process. However, the new M1 processors bring a number of technical improvements as well.

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Spotlight on Security: Why independent IT-security testing labs are important to enterprise security

If you’re looking for an endpoint protection product to secure your business network, there is a wide variety of solutions available. These include endpoint security (antivirus), and endpoint protection and response systems, which allow you to detect, analyse and respond to suspicious programs, processes and events. How can you select the right enterprise product for your needs? Independent testing labs are the best place to start – here’s why.

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Spotlight on Security: Malware authors take advantage of the rush to try Windows 11

Since the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, Windows 11, was announced in June, tech enthusiasts over the world have been keen to try out the new platform. As usual, cybercriminals have jumped on the opportunity to spread malware. Since the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, Windows 11, was announced in June, tech enthusiasts the world over have been keen to try out the new platform. As usual, cybercriminals have jumped on the opportunity to spread malware. Telangana Today reports how malware authors have distributed fake installer programs that include a variety of unwanted and malicious programs along with the new Windows.

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Spotlight on Security: Laptops for home-schooling British children come with a nasty surprise

A number of websites have recently reported that some laptops funded by the British government for school use were found to be pre-infected with the Gamarue.L worm. 

The BBC states that teachers in Bradford discovered the malware when preparing the laptops for use. They said it appeared to be contacting servers in Russia, and they shared their findings in an online forum. Information security consultant Paul Moore told the BBC that the Gamarue worm “presents a very severe threat to any PC or network“.  Continue reading…