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Anti-Phishing Certification Test 2022

Anti-virus test phishing

Anti-Phishing test: security products published passing the 2022 test

Every year we publish the results of our phishing protection certification test. These tests evaluate the protection provided against phishing websites. These deceptive websites can pose a real threat to Internet users, as they attempt to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

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Parental Control Certification 2022

parental control

AV-Comparatives provides certification for parental control software. Parental control solutions are tested against 1,000 URLs with adult content, and 100 child-safe URLs. In order to be certified, a product must block at least 98% of pornographic websites, have zero false alarms on child-friendly websites, and have no severe unresolved bugs (or design flaws) discovered during the review. 

The certification reports can be found here:

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Uninstalling antivirus programs: challenges and solutions

Have you ever tried to remove a program from your computer, and found that bits of it were left behind? If so, you will realise that not all uninstallers remove their programs completely, and that the leftovers can cause problems like error messages and wasted disk space. In the case of antivirus programs, which are deeply integrated into the Windows operating system, an incomplete uninstallation can be particularly problematic. It might be impossible to install a new AV program if its installer finds traces of the previous product. So, if you need to remove one AV product in order to install a different one, the issue of AV uninstallation becomes important.

In a test commissioned by the German PC Magazin (Ausgabe 06/2022), AV-Comparatives recently carried out an uninstallation test of 16 popular consumer antivirus programs (PDF version available here).

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AV-Comparatives Releases Factsheet for March-April Enterprise Malware and Real-World Protection Tests

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AV-Comparatives, the independent ISO-certified security software evaluation lab, has released the latest factsheet results from the Business Main-Test Series, which evaluated a range of anti-virus products in business environments. This report is brought in the interim of the full report which will include also a Performance Test and product reviews, which will be released in July.

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AV-Comparatives Releases Performance Test Report Showing the Impact of Security Software on System Performance

Anti-virus test performance

The Independent ISO-Certified Security Testing Lab’s Impact of Consumer Security Software on System Performance Results Released

AV-Comparatives, the independent ISO-certified security software evaluation lab, has released results for the April 2022 Performance Test, which evaluates the impact of anti-virus software on system performance. As anti-virus software programs run in the background and use system resources, AV-Comparatives helps users evaluate their anti-virus protection in terms of system speed and performance. This independent testing lab is dedicated to informing users about protection against cybercrime with its systematic testing of the market’s most popular security software solutions. The company creates a real-world environment for accurate testing by utilizing common use case scenarios.

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