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IT Security Products Overview

In response to the ever-evolving digital landscape, we’re excited to introduce the “IT Security Products Overview.” This compilation features 50 respected vendors, offering a practical guide for those looking to make informed decisions in the realm of cybersecurity.

In an era when digital threats are constantly multiplying and evolving, it’s more important than ever to find security products that can keep up with them. A myriad of options is available, all of which make great claims about their own effectiveness. It can be hard to work your way through all of the different antivirus and other security programs on offer.

Recognizing this need for clarity, we are proud to present the “IT Security Products Overview”. This provides an at-a-glance guide to current security-software manufacturers who hold a certificate from AV-Comparatives assuring effective products for Microsoft Windows, in both home-user and enterprise categories. This is a valuable aid to negotiating the maze of security products, and finding a reputable product that is right for your needs.

Here at AV-Comparatives, we have been conducting industry-leading, rigorous independent tests of antivirus and other security software for over 20 years. For both consumer and business products, we conduct a Main-Test Series (consisting of four separate tests), and the Endpoint Prevention and Response (EPR) Test is for applicable enterprise products.

To be certified in the Consumer Main Test Series, Business Main Test Series, or EPR Test, products must reach a high standard in all aspects of the test or series. Certification by AV-Comparatives is thus a guarantee that a security solution genuinely lives up to its manufacturer’s claims. The list of 50 products indicates which ones have a current certification (valid for one year), ensuring that users have up-to-date information on which to base their decisions. Vendors with past certifications are also included for readers’ information.

We remain committed to providing valuable insights and resources to empower individuals and businesses in their pursuit of robust cybersecurity. Explore the IT Security Products Overview today and fortify your digital defences with confidence.