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Tag: performance test

The balance between performance (low speed-impact) and real-time detection – Enterprise products

In our most recent report, we continue our investigation into the potential impact of performance-enhancing measures implemented by anti-virus vendors on the malware detection capabilities of their products. Building upon last year‘s findings, we now shift our attention to enterprise products in this blog post. By applying the same methodology, our objective remains consistent—to assess the consistent malware detection performance of enterprise security products in specific scenarios. We maintain uniformity by utilizing the identical settings employed in our enterprise main-test series.

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The balance between performance (low speed-impact) and real-time detection


In the past, a common complaint about antivirus programs was that they had a major impact on system performance, i.e. made the PC run more slowly in everyday use. Nowadays, anti-virus products use different optimization techniques to reduce system impact and disruption of everyday tasks.

In this blog post we want to answer the question as to whether any of the performance-enhancing measures taken by anti-virus vendors might have an impact on products’ ability to detect malware under some circumstances. To this end, we checked whether anti-virus products consistently detect malware in specific scenarios.

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